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Dawid Tkocz
Dawid Tkocz

Poland, Europe

Moving pixels since 2005. Director @Effectively.

  1. Atlassian Trello Redesign - Daily UI ver 0.02 webapp dashboard boardgame product app dashboard app blue clean design kanban board trello
  2. Dribbble Player Card. statistics profile portfolio dribbble card
  3. Brand24 iOS Mobile App clean app green app brand24 social media social listening mobile app ios
  4. Northpass' Homepage - Part I illustartions illustration lms saas homepage landing landing page
  5. LinkedIn - Wish Version socialmedia userinterface cleanui redesign linkedin
  6. ⛷🏔🏂 ski switzerland snowboarder snowboard
  7. UI Style Guide for the web application. webapplication style guide bright design system mobile first clean blue green poland wroclaw ui design webapp style guide dashboard effectively design studio
  8. SaaS WebApp hr saas design saas app dashboard design dashboard app dashboard ui dashboard effectively design studio saas
  9. Dribbble's Profile Page Redesign - Daily UI ver 0.041 pink redesign dribbble
  10. Adobe Live : Travel App Project travel app mobile app ios adobe
  11. Useme Branding poland wroclaw useme brand branding agency branding concept startup branding corporate branding corporate identity branding and identity brand design branding design branding logo blue effectively design studio
  12. Rite NRG design studio elementor-pro effectively poland wroclaw branding asymmetrical asymmetric modern hr wordpress development wordpress design ritenrg elementor wordpress
  13. Sherlock Waste: Website effectively saas website hr saas
  14. GrillMaster - Freebie to download for share. landing page restaurant free free sketch freebie
  15. Healthy Diet Catering - Daily UI ver 0.06 daily challange daily 100 daily website catering diet
  16. Opera Browser - Mojave Theme Concept opera browser mojave mac os
  17. Dribbble Dark Theme dark background geeks mojave dark theme dribbble design ui
  18. Sherlock Waste Logo design studio effectively logo design logotype logo
  19. E-commerce Site - Daily UI ver 0.05 ecommerce dailyui spices
  20. Apple Repair E-commerce Website design studio agency web design webdesign e-commerce apple pencil
  21. "Why Brand24" Landing Page. saas about startup landing page
  22. Codeheroes for Startups' Landing Page web development softwarehouse webdesign startup landing page saas
  23. SaaS Website Layout [Sketch Freebie] landing page saas website freebie sketch freebies saas freebie
  24. TimeCamp Landing Page
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